You may be putting your resources in the wrong place, and it’s going to cost you.

As a business owner in the paving industry, it can feel impossible to keep up with increasing competition, new technologies, and daily workforce challenges. You and your team work hard, but unless you take the time to identify and solve the unique challenges or vulnerabilities within your business, you could jeopardize:

  • The opportunity to gain new market share
  • Valuable contracts
  • Profitability
  • The valuation and legacy of your company long term
business strategy and growth support

We’ll help you stop wasting time, resources, and opportunities.

You would never start building a road without a plan first, but that’s exactly what happens when you don’t have a comprehensive business strategy in place. StoryBuilt will conduct a comprehensive audit of your business to identify the blindspots and breakdowns, and create solutions that will last. 

Our team will take a microscope to your:

Geographical Capabilities

Is it time to think about expanding into new markets? We’ll help you determine which ones are the best fit.

Strategic Distribution Partnerships

Never waste time on the wrong decision maker again. We’ll profile your ideal partner then target them with the right message to close more quickly.

Resource Allocation

We’ll show you where and when to invest in new opportunities, and how to optimize the productivity of your team.

Agency Contracts

When your sales team is backed by the right marketing strategy, you’ll optimize your efforts and get the most of your resources.

Sales and Marketing

With the right strategy integrated throughout your customer journey, you’ll shorten the sales cycle and increase lifetime customer value.

Standard Operating Procedures

“Good intentions don’t pave roads,” but effective, sustainable SOPs eliminate unfocused efforts, create continuity, and help you maintain your advantage.

Brand and Product Positioning

It matters how you’re perceived by customers, partners, employees, and your competition. We’ll help you gain loyalty, admiration, and top-of-mind awareness.

Product Launch

The key to a successful launch is an early and accurate understanding of how best to position your product, ensuring every message and tactic hits the mark.

Workforce recruiting and retention

Why outsource when you build a comprehensive asset inside your business? We’ll help you design the processes and systems to recruit and retain top talent.

More industry competition and consolidation means you need a growth mindset - but you don’t have to do it alone.

trusted partner

StoryBuilt Growth Strategy and Marketing is the paving industry's trusted growth partner.

Hi, I’m Jeani. As a third generation contractor, I understand the unique challenges facing businesses within the construction industry – and how your work directly impacts our country’s economy, safety, and people. For more than 20 years, I’ve done product development and launching, traffic control, and even operating heavy machinery, and now I’m supporting the growth of this industry by helping businesses like yours become more strategic, lean, and effective at every level. I can see the whole picture of how to make you more strategic and scalable – in the office and out in the field. With my team’s strategic approach and deep industry knowledge, we’re well-equipped to guide you toward sustainable growth.

This industry is all about getting feet on the ground. The problem is it’s usually without the right plan in place first.

of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully
0 %
of executive teams spend less than an hour discussing strategy each month
0 %
of companies use a formal strategic planning process to make important strategic decisions
0 %

The good news is that 71% of the fastest-growing companies have strategic plans, business plans, or similar long-range planning tools in place – and that gets results.

Let’s streamline your business with a plan that’s customized for your growth. Here’s how we’ll do it.


Step 1: Investigate

Through a series of interviews, surveys, and research, we’ll collect data and information to get a clear picture of your entire company.


Step 2: Identify

We’ll analyze everything to identify opportunities and bottlenecks, then use our special model to prioritize the issues and fix them in the right order.


Step 3: Implement

We’ll begin rolling out the strategy, SOPs, and solutions, so you can get results. We’ll guide you through implementation based on your unique needs, whether you want a little help or a lot.

Pave your own way, with our strategic plans.

Flexible, scalable, and completely customized – just choose the option that’s right for you.

step 2

Pre-Con Sprint Strategy

Includes complete business audit and market research, strategy development, presentation and delivery of your strategy playbook, implementation, and support.

(depending on size and scope)

fractional marketing

Strategy Execution

Includes ongoing implementation support customized to your needs (typically 6-12 months).

Starts at $3,500/month

You can’t afford not to have a strong growth strategy in place.

If the only thing your strategy plan did was double the effectiveness of one core revenue strategy, it would be more than worth it. Schedule a call today to finally stop guessing what to do next and get clarity on exactly where you’re going. 

Unlock the full potential of your business

With StoryBuilt Advisory by your side, you can:

  • Develop a strategic growth plan tailored to your business
  • Enhance your brand/product positioning and market presence
  • Attract and retain top talent to drive workforce productivity and profitability
  • Optimize your revenue streams for long-term success
  • Enjoy peace of mind as you navigate the path to growth
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Take the first step towards growth and success by booking a one-on-one consultation with us today.