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Stagnation can be a heavy burden for companies in the highway industry. Being stuck in neutral means falling behind competitors, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled growth potential. 

Break free from the cycle of stagnant growth and accelerate down the highway to success with the right guidance and shared insights from other industry leaders and influencers.

Jeani Ringkob is a third generation contractor and an absolute business strategy and marketing geek. Subscribe today to catch all the insights and grow your business.

November 2, 2023

Strategic Growth Flywheel: A Gateway to an Informed Business Strategy

Almost half of business leaders have strategic planning failure because they can’t adequately track the execution of their strategy. But you need an effective strategy, though–an informed business strategy. Does your business have a flexible framework with a top-end strategy in mind? A strategic growth flywheel provides a simple tool to generate great output that can be repeatedly used in your business. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll get an introduction to the flywheel. I’ll give you a high-level view of it and teach you the three-step process to use it so you can ensure your strategy dictates the business tactics you employ, not the other way around. 4:47 – What a heuristic is and an analogy […]
October 26, 2023

Real-Life Business Benefits to Optimizing Your Offseason: A Client Case Study

Everybody loves a story. One day, I was thinking about what story I could tell to demonstrate what I’ve talked about in the previous episodes about optimizing your offseason… and I came across the perfect one. So, we’re not quite done with the offseason just yet! In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, I walk you through a case study of an actual client of mine. Through this story, you’ll learn how optimizing your offseason can impact your business and help you make better decisions along the way. 1:13 – A quick recap of the “Optimize Your Offseason” podcast series 4:00 – How this client made a super easy mistake that lots of people make 7:40 – The problem […]
October 19, 2023

How to Execute Your Business Strategy On the Tactical Level

What is your next busy season going to look like? Will your team be operating with a clear, strategic destination in mind? Will they know how they can get there and be able to make quick, smart decisions that move the business toward the goals you’ve set? In the conclusion of this three-part series on Contractor’s Daughter, you’ll learn how to move from strategy to deploying the tactics that’ll move your business closer to your strategic objective or outcome. I’ll teach you how to narrow down which tactics to use and reveal three things every strategy must have so you can really leverage and get the most out of your offseason. 4:03 – Questions to ask yourself for each tactic […]
October 12, 2023

How to Be a Better Decision Maker (& Why It Matters)

The offseason is your time to sit down and reflect on where your business has been and where it’s going. You know that you need to have a growth mindset as an executive or entrepreneur so that your business can continue to flourish.  So you’ve got some decisions to make for the future. But how will your decisions impact the outcomes and objectives you want to reach going forward? As we continue this offseason series on the Contractor’s Daughter, you’ll learn about what the decision-making process looks like, where it usually goes wrong, and how to be a better decision-maker. I’ll also teach you how making better choices can positively impact your business. 2:46 – Why the stakes of your […]
October 5, 2023

Why a Strategic Plan for Your Business Is a MUST

What’s next? You’ve made the final push to get as much done as possible in your construction business before the arrival of the slow season. Now’s a good time to look at the big picture to see what your company needs to continue growing because if you’re not growing, you’re dying. So today, in the first of a new three-part series, we confront the phenomenon known as the stall-and-die problem to understand it so you can prevent it from killing off your business.  In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll hear about what can cause a lack of growth in companies. I’ll share the research I’ve done on the stall-and-die problem and how having a strategic growth plan […]
September 28, 2023

How Jessica Lombardo Is Bringing An Immersive Experience to a Trade Show

Are you tired of seeing and experiencing the same old presentations at conferences and trade shows? There’s a new experience on the horizon! The upcoming PAVE/X conference promises to be different, and its co-creator, Jessica Lombardo, is here to tell us how. Jessica has made a name for herself in the construction industry. She’s been the editor for some leading publications like Asphalt Contractor and is the current editor-in-chief for AC Business Media. Recently, though, she’s stepped up her game in terms of reinventing how we think about conferences. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn all the cool ways she and her co-creator Amy Schwandt designed PAVE/X to be better than your typical trade show. She’ll […]
September 21, 2023

Conference Success Part 3: 5 Post-Conference Tips You Can Use to Increase Your Success

When a conference is over, what do you do next? The post-conference period is the most important stage of the conference game, but it also tends to be where things frequently fall apart. You’re overwhelmed with the backlog of emails, phone calls, and people asking questions. So, how can you make sure the post-conference phase doesn’t fall apart on you? As with the first two stages I’ve discussed in this Conference Success series, having a system and tools in place can help you successfully navigate the last stage. In this final part of the series on the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn about the post-conference process I recommend. I’ll give you five tips to ensure you get the best out […]
September 14, 2023

Conference Success Part 2: 6 Conference Tips to 10X Your Return on Investment

So you’ve decided on a conference for you and/or your team to attend. You’ve booked your spot and made your pre-conference preparations. Now what? Well, now that you’re actually at the conference, let’s help you get ten times the return on the time and money you’ll spend! In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, we continue with part two of our conference success series. Today, you’ll learn my six tips for what to do at a conference to attract the people you want and meet your objectives. You’ll also get examples of how you can implement these tips. 4:00 – How to make your conference booth or exhibit space stand out 8:35 – Make sure you have this important […]
September 7, 2023

Conference Success Part 1: 6 Pre-Conference Tips You Should Follow for Maximum Results

Conference season is coming up! If you haven’t already, you’ll soon start looking at which conferences are good options to invest in for you and your team… Or will you? Perhaps you’re hesitating because you’re wondering what you’ll get out of it and whether it’s even worth going (for more than just a good time, that is). In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, we’re starting a three-part series on ensuring that your conference(s) of choice have an actual impact on you, your team, and your business. Today, you’ll learn my six tips for what you can do before attending a conference to get the most out of it. I’ll also show you how you can implement each tip […]

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