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Contractor's Daughter Podcast

Stagnation can be a heavy burden for companies in the highway industry. Being stuck in neutral means falling behind competitors, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled growth potential. 

Break free from the cycle of stagnant growth and accelerate down the highway to success with the right guidance and shared insights from other industry leaders and influencers.

Jeani Ringkob is a third generation contractor and an absolute business strategy and marketing geek. Subscribe today to catch all the insights and grow your business.

September 28, 2023

How Jessica Lombardo Is Bringing An Immersive Experience to a Trade Show

Are you tired of seeing and experiencing the same old presentations at conferences and trade shows? There’s a new experience on the horizon! The upcoming PAVE/X conference promises to be different, and its co-creator, Jessica Lombardo, is here to tell us how. Jessica has made a name for herself in the construction industry. She’s been the editor for some leading publications like Asphalt Contractor and is the current editor-in-chief for AC Business Media. Recently, though, she’s stepped up her game in terms of reinventing how we think about conferences. In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn all the cool ways she and her co-creator Amy Schwandt designed PAVE/X to be better than your typical trade show. She’ll […]
September 21, 2023

Conference Success Part 3: 5 Post-Conference Tips You Can Use to Increase Your Success

When a conference is over, what do you do next? The post-conference period is the most important stage of the conference game, but it also tends to be where things frequently fall apart. You’re overwhelmed with the backlog of emails, phone calls, and people asking questions. So, how can you make sure the post-conference phase doesn’t fall apart on you? As with the first two stages I’ve discussed in this Conference Success series, having a system and tools in place can help you successfully navigate the last stage. In this final part of the series on the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, you’ll learn about the post-conference process I recommend. I’ll give you five tips to ensure you get the best out […]
September 14, 2023

Conference Success Part 2: 6 Conference Tips to 10X Your Return on Investment

So you’ve decided on a conference for you and/or your team to attend. You’ve booked your spot and made your pre-conference preparations. Now what? Well, now that you’re actually at the conference, let’s help you get ten times the return on the time and money you’ll spend! In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, we continue with part two of our conference success series. Today, you’ll learn my six tips for what to do at a conference to attract the people you want and meet your objectives. You’ll also get examples of how you can implement these tips. 4:00 – How to make your conference booth or exhibit space stand out 8:35 – Make sure you have this important […]
September 7, 2023

Conference Success Part 1: 6 Pre-Conference Tips You Should Follow for Maximum Results

Conference season is coming up! If you haven’t already, you’ll soon start looking at which conferences are good options to invest in for you and your team… Or will you? Perhaps you’re hesitating because you’re wondering what you’ll get out of it and whether it’s even worth going (for more than just a good time, that is). In this episode of the Contractor’s Daughter podcast, we’re starting a three-part series on ensuring that your conference(s) of choice have an actual impact on you, your team, and your business. Today, you’ll learn my six tips for what you can do before attending a conference to get the most out of it. I’ll also show you how you can implement each tip […]
July 20, 2023

Sustainability and achieving the Net Zero goal by 2050 with Michael Frey

Welcome to “The Contractor’s Daughter,” a podcast focused on eliminating random acts, exit strategy, and marketing in the highway construction business. Jeani Ringkob, a third-generation asphalt contractor, hosts the show. In this episode, Jeani interviews Michael Frey, PacificGeo Source’s founder, about the industry’s sustainability and the goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050. They discuss the challenges faced by the industry, such as the need for innovation and overcoming resistance to change. They also emphasize the importance of supporting small businesses and rewarding innovation. The conversation highlights the collaborative nature of the industry and the benefits of growing a company with a sustainability mindset. Mentioned in Sustainability and achieving the Net Zero goal by 2050 with Michael Frey Mike Frey […]
July 13, 2023

Learn How the SealMaster Franchise System is Built on Relationships

When our industry gets down to the city level, supplying local contractors has its own set of unique challenges. The SealMaster is an incredible franchised model in our industry that has partnered with owners and entrepreneurs. Giving hundreds of opportunities to talented people that are creating tons of jobs and passing them on by partnering with local contractors and supporting success in each of their own markets. SealMaster sets a precedence for leading by action and they place a LOT of value on building relationships and building businesses together. Mentioned In Learn How the SealMaster Franchise System is Built on Relationships Get on the Calendar Growth Strategy Assessment  Jeani on LinkedIn Blacktop Banter Network More Episodes of The Contractor’s Daughter […]
July 6, 2023

Four Different Ways to Tackle Compensating Talent

There is so much focus and recruiting and just getting people in the door, but keeping the best ones is essential.  I am a huge preacher that it is more than compensation that keeps people around (I have my own research to back this) but that doesn’t mean compensation isn’t important. I get asked a lot about ways to think about compensating that actually improve recruiting and retention. In this episode we discuss way ways to design compensation so it actually makes an impact on showing up our talent pool. Mentioned In Four Different Ways to Tackle Compensating Talent Get on the Calendar Growth Strategy Assessment  Jeani on LinkedIn Blacktop Banter Network More Episodes of The Contractor’s Daughter Podcast You’ll […]
June 29, 2023

Women of Asphalt Is Just What We All Need

Over twenty years ago I felt pretty isolated in this industry. I was young, I was a woman and I was blessed to have great mentors…but they were all men. I didn’t even know I was craving for a woman to look up to and model what it meant to be a woman trying to make an impact and finding my place. It was even hard once I had a family and began to juggle even more. Finding and getting connected with the incredible founders of Women of Asphalt, renewed my excitement about really stepping up and showing up for an industry that has done so much for me, my family and the country.  Every time I get a chance […]
June 22, 2023

Make Every Customer Touchpoint Grow Your Business

Every experience you customers (and employees – and industry partners) have with you is a chance to exponential add value and grow your business better and FASTER. To understand how this works and how you can encourage your team to think about the touch points strategically is by applying a model we call the Clock Model. This model consistence of the three phases each relationship goes through – pre purchase, purchase and post purchase).  We can actually get a lot more juice from the squeeze if we don’t think about this journey has happening linearly. Learn how each touch point can be strategic and HIGHLY leveraged to multiply growth in your business. Mentioned In Make Every Customer Touchpoint Grow Your […]

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